The universe is in a phase of expansion, although humanity is only conscious in the knowledge of the scientists who observe it.
But this reality is not alien to our evolution that, in the affectation of the planet by everything that happens in the Cosmos, receives the influence of its vibrational changes of frequency.

Our planet has undergone variations due to the electromagnetic change that has gone from 7.5 HZS (1980) to 12.5 Hz (2011)

Knowing the laws of polarity and its connection with life, with the deep Being that dwells within our “envelope” is a pending subject, we all have to live passionately our life experience and ignite an inner fire that leads us to ” Live “more fully this ephemeral earthly existence.

All dimensions are valid, but the experience of the “present” is something that we need to experience from the awareness of the unique value that each of the unique moments that make up our time, have.

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