“Each being is an enigma”, “every reality is a mystery”. Both statements are the cornerstone of quantum physics, the primordial Universe or multiform mirror where we never see what we want, but what it really is not,

However, in this transit that is physical existence, we have been educated in the concept that the external world is more real than the inner world. It is not surprising, therefore, that the planetary civilization, turned to the external world, material, speculative, predatory and decadent, is about to self-defeat, to self-destruct …

Because we are used to know what happens a thousand of miles away, while we do not know what happens two centimeters below our skin. This new quantum model of science is just the opposite. He lives inside and expresses himself outside. It says that everything that happens in our interior, directly affects our exterior. What surrounds us is a faithful reflection of each one of us. It is not something imposed by the Chinese shadow of any demiurge, because the soul does not exist: it must be created.

This is not a message from now. They have been repeated by the great masters of philosophy since the beginning of the times of culture. Macrocosms and microcosms as inseparable realities that are backed up.

Pepa Martinez presents, through this collection, a crude reflection, which is denunciation of ambition, pride, war and hatred. It is also a reflection that extols the inner values ​​that inhabit our interior and which, if known, shared and practiced by all, would become a prayer of love, the only force capable of moving both the quantum world and the worlds of man.

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